“The Curse is Broken”


We have all felt like we were cursed especially from something from our past. Maybe you had a child out-of-wedlock, used drugs, fornicated, etc. and that one dark secret still harbors over you from time to time or if we really want to be honest, maybe even everyday. Or maybe you’re a product of someone else mishaps. Your parents had you earlier than expected. You or your parents dropped out of high school. You never finished college. Whatever you tried your hand at, all you heard was negativity and criticism. Perhaps you even heard, “you’re going to be just like your mom or dad.” You felt like you would never amount to anything because of your background. Why do we feel stuck in our present from something from our past? It’s been 15 years and you have asked God and any of those you wronged for forgiveness but you can’t forgive yourself. Whatever your secret(s) or past hurt is, I want you to forgive yourself and declare that the curse is broken. Speak it into existence until it resonates in your spirit and you FINALLY believe it. I leave you with the lyrics to this song I recently heard and fell in love with which I encourage you to listen to it. The song’s title is, “The curse is broken” by James Fortune. I promise it will uplift you in some kind of way. Stay encouraged…..

“The enemy is trying to make me believe

That my past is who I am

That the mistakes I made from yesterday

Is all that I would ever be

They told me I would be nothing

Nobody in my family ever was

They said you’re just like your momma

Just like your daddy

Never amounted to anything

But that’s not me, that’s not who I am

God gave me a promise, on that I stand

The curse is broken

My past can’t hold me

I’m more than a conqueror

That’s what he told me

The curse is broken

My body’s healed

The devil’s a liar

It’s in his will

The mistake, is not who I am

The lies they told, is not who I am

My past, is not who I am

The curse is broken in my life

The abortion, I snot who I am

The misfortune, is not who I am

The disease, is not who I am

The curse is broken in my life

I’m healed, that’s who I am

I’m free, that’s who I am

I’m a conqueror, that’s who I am

The curse is broken in my life

I’m blessed, I’m delivered, I’m redeemed

The curse is broken in my life”