Not Making Sense, Making Faith

How many times have you made a declaration that something was about to happen but there was no sign of it? Maybe it was you professing you’re about to get married and you’re single and don’t even have any potentials. Maybe it was a car, but you commuted via public transportation. Maybe it was for a house but you live in an apartment. You get the drift. None of this made any sense to yourself and especially to others you shared it with. Although you were not making sense, you were making faith.

According to Google, “faith is defined as belief with strong conviction; firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof, complete trust, confidence, reliance or devotion. Faith is the opposite of doubt”. This all means that no matter who doubts your beliefs and confessions, you are strong- willed that what you’re believing will come to pass.

I will never forget the day when I was in high school and visited my alma mater for the first time. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the school, the southern hospitality of the people, and the refreshing atmosphere. I instantly came home and told friends and family, I’m going to Liberty University. I received mixed reviews. At the time, it was very hurtful but I had to remember it wasn’t their decision, it was mine. Again, didn’t make sense to any of them, but I was making faith.

Entering into Liberty like any college/university was very competitive. Not to brag, but my grades were excellent, I submitted my application(s), reference letters, etc. on time, took the SAT/ACT tests now the hard part…..WAITING.

After some time, I received the confirmation letter from Liberty Admissions that my paperwork had been received BUT my SAT/ACT scores were not high enough to determine my eligibility as a prospective student. I remember being soooo devastated reading that letter and my mom encouraged me in the kitchen and said, “You will get in…believe if this is what you really want”. And guess what, I took the tests a few more times until I received a high enough score to get me in.

Then I received the congratulatory letter that I had been accepted BUT…. (here we go again). This time, the letter was explaining that I was accepted on a conditional basis and had to be on probation for my freshman year to “prove” that I was college material and I had to remain under a certain g.p.a.

None of this made sense to a certain extent. I was placed on a conditional basis all because of my test scores but I still had the faith that I was going to be a successful student and graduate of Liberty University.

Well guess what, not only did I pass my freshman year with success and came off on probation but graduated with honors with two degrees. When a situation or person tells you that you can’t, that’s when you get the determination that you can.

I leave with you a few lyrics from this song called, “not making sense, making faith” (hence the title). It’s by Donald Lawrence. Please take time to listen to its entirety, I promise it will encourage you and change your life.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
The evidence of things not seen.
It lives beyond the senses,
You can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you just have it.
I’m in a season that requires GREAT faith.
Fear and doubt are all around me.
But I’m standing on what The Word says.
Faith is the evidence of what I can’t see.
And when people doubt the things that I do.
When I do what God told me to…
For the rest of my life I’m not making sense,
I’m making faith.”

So remember, it doesn’t matter what you come across in life. It will not always make sense but as long as you keep the determination and the faith, you will make it through.

P.S…..stay tuned for more parts of my testimony and how I overcame college/grad school and just some of my life experiences in general.

Keep the faith!!!